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following breaking news this morning. 25 workers killed in the worst mine disaster in the u.s. in more than 20 years. >> there was a collapse in the mines. you can't explain that feeling that you get in your stomach when you know something is bad. >> this morning in west virginia, crews are not letting go of hope that they may still find survivors. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 continues right now. spars. glad you're with us at 6:00 as we take a look at traffic commuting on the wilson bridge this morning. very comfortable commute although you might need the ac for the trip home today. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news this tuesday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. we'll get to our weather in just a minute. we do want to give you the
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latest on that deadly palestine exploon in west virginia. 25 workers are dead and four are still missing. the search has been called off because of poor ventilation. that is happening in west virginia about 30 miles outside of charleston. >> officials say the chances of survival are slim but the crews don't want to give up. they do still consider this a rescue mission. they will go back inside once it is safe. missing miners did not make it to one of the two chambers stocked with food and extra oxygen however. here in the d.c. area, a water main break has forced roadways to shut down at 123. more on how this is impacting the morning commute in just a minute. >> tony is back with another check of our weather. yesterday, it got downright steamy and today even more so.
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>> we have been tracking a couple of showers and a little bit of thunderstorm activity, believe it or not, this morning. just a couple of spots here and there. ayou can see, inside the beltway, there is not much of anything going on. up to the north and west near frederick, maryland, no lightning with that system. then down towards dale city and along 95 south, there is some shower activity there. no lightning at this point but earlier, there were a couple of strikes of lightning downthere as well. so we're just going to monitor this ting. this will be an event that will go during the early-morning hours after about 8:00. that will be about it. now, let's go to the graphics. we'll show you had big picture radar. momentof the that activity does dissipate before it gets here but more is guessing through than i originally thought would make it through. a couple of spots of rain here and there. that is about it. it will not cool things down or anything like that. it is a little weak trough coming through.
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current temperatures at the area airports. 64-degree at reagan national and at dulles international. it is 60 degrees at bwi marshall. your day planner for today. partly sunny -- partly sunny skies. we'll see our highs today -- i'm sorry -- in the mid-80s. i'm not sure what is happening with that graphic but -- >> are you talking about the undulating water? >> yes. >> okay. thank you. >> bring you some entertainment in the morning. >> yes, it did. nothing funny about what is going on out on the roads. >> on the outer loop of the beltway, we had a crash with at least three vehicles involved before you reach georgia avenue. that activity now off the road to the shoulder. delays are forming on the beltway outer loop as you work your way around dwr university boulevard to the accident scene. outer loop of the beltway, all lane are open. the accident active off to the road to the shoulder but still quite a bit of a back upnow early this morning as you work your way around from college park headed in towards silver spring.
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randolph road still a viable option for you north of the beltway. also south of the beltway, 410 to east-west highway. a good alternate route if you are traveling onto 495. expect a brief delay coming off the room -- off the ramp from new hampshire avenue. 13 at the beltway. you will find you are now denied access to 123 to lead you in towards tysons corner because of this huge water main break. so the ramp from the beltway to head unbound towards tysons corner on 1 remains closed. that will force everybody over to route 7 so that will get heavy early this morning. callers are telling us if you are heading outbound leaving tyson's for the beltway, can you go no further than international drive. if you are traveling from the beltway and you want to head inbound towards the city, towards mclean if you will, those ramps remain open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back out it the breaking
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news out of west virginia this morning. the state dealing with deadliest mining disaster in 26 years. >> 25 workers there are dead. families are holding out hope of finding four men who are still missing even though officials say it is a dire situation. crews have temporarily stopped their search in west virginia saying it is too dangerous and jeopardizes more lives right now. wave just learned that veptd lags holes will begin to be drilled shortly though officials say it is a very long process. will thomas is in west virginia for us. he has the latest now from west virginia. >> reporter: good morning. we are here on the scene about 0 miles south of charleston at the upper big branch mine. again, just outside of charleston. right now, we have the latest figures on the victims. the west virginia governor says 5 fatalities, four are unacted for and of the 5 dead, only seven have been identified so far. a large build-up of methane
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inside the mine triggered a huge explosion and this resulted again in 25 fatalities. now, as many as 40 rescuers went inside the mine to try to make rescues and four are unbeinged for. they pulled the rescuers out because of the large build-up of methane and carbon monoxide. the governor told me he does believe there could be a chamber near these four men that would allow them to breathe what they call clean air away from this methane. so that is the hope. they are telling families this is hope but rescuers are not inside right now and hire is further explanation on why they had to be pulled out. >> i'm confident that, after the mine is ventilated and after it is safe, the rescue teams will re-enter the mine and recover the bodies of the 25 miners as well as finding the bodies of the four additional miners. >> reporter: the governor briefed report ares just a short time ago. he is still calling this a rescue operation.
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again, four unaccounted for. 5 fatalities. they are going to go back inside as you just heard as soon as they're able to do that but they are certainly not leaving the scene. we are told the mining office here on the property is where family members are huddled together right now comforting each other even as we drove in several miles outside. you can see this community is really coming together. they're being one and that is what the governor says is let's not be separate families mourning for our loved ones. let's all come together as one family and we are certainly seeing evidence of tha. we'll continue to stay on the scene here in raleigh county and bring you another update just as soon as we get more informaon. in raleigh county, i'm will thomas. now, back to you. >> thank you. south president obama says the government is prepared to help with the aftermath of this deadly mine explosion and is offering his condolences to those who lost loved ones in the explosion. he spoke with west virginia's governor last night. today, the obama administration will release details of a new policy limiting the circumstances under which the u.s. would use nuclear weapons.
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u.s. officials say the white house also hopes to persuade russia to agree to mutual cuts in nuclear arsenals that go beyond the arms treaty both sides will sign later this week. a lot of big sports news including the latest on the newest redskin, donovan mcnabb. plus, could david tackle go light on the basketball court. we'll take a look at the down to the wire national championship game. that is straight ahead. also, toyota is slapped with the largest fine issued against a car company by the federal government. we'll have more on that when fox 5 morning news comes back after the break. 
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among the stories making headlines being toyota's latest troubles continue. the federal government has now imposed the maximum penalty on the carmaker. the$16million fine the biggest ever issuedgainst a car company. toyota has two week to appeal the fine. in sports news, the newest redskins player don van mcnabb
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will be introduced to the d.c. media later today. the team acquired the quarterback from the philadelphia eagles. there is a news conference set for noon today and we'll carry that live. duke blue devils, the champions of men's college basketball. the big gale last night. they held n to barely beat the butted her bulldogs 61-59. it was not easy. here is your final shot from mid court. butler uninch way from winning the national championship. coming up next, president obama gets the nats season opener started with a first pitch. >> we hate to say t the pitching not so berate. you could take that for the president or the nationals, the way the game went yesterday. >> the forecast looking great if you are looking for a little taste of summer. we'll check in with tony and julie has another look at the roads. we have traffic problems out around tysons corner this morning. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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president obama at nationals park yesterday throwing out the first pitch at the nats home opener. ryan zimmerman to catch it. a little bit high and outside. the president said he practiced with his staff before hand but the pitch did get to the catcher which is the important thing. the game, well, the phillies shut out the nats 11-1. not the best outcome for the nats but got off to a great start with the president there. we will talk a little bit later about his choice of headgear as he flew out the first pitch. >> he sticks with his home team but you see he has the nationals sweatshirt i guess what that is >> a jacket. >> i can't see today j i was hoping for a better pitch. >> i was too. i think the pressure was on after last year. >> it doesn't matter. he was there. >> i thk he should have gone with the all nationals uniform. >> yeah. gentleman i think so.
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>> then he would be hearing from the people in chicago. >> when he is in chicago, he can wear the white sox stuff. >> it was a great -- great weather for baseball yesterday. for today, we'll see very warm conditions once again. want to start with hd radar. we have a couple of these little showers popping up. about every 10 minutes or so, we are seeing a little bit of lightning pop up here and there. right now, it looks like it is along 270 just to our north as you head north on 270 -- north or south, whatever direction you are going on. just near there, moving off to the east now. let's get a closer look. there is also some precipitation down to our south. there you go. near damascus, it look like it has come through there. not far from clarksburg. there is a little area where we're seeing a couple of lightning strikes. these are not severe storms. we ve no reports of any of
6:18 am
this as severe. a couple of pop-up areas of heavy rain and some light thunderstorm activity coming through this morning. can you see most of you aren't seeing anything. there is some more shower activity to the east of 95 as you are heading south or north on 5 south of the district. so that is what we're watching. let me show you the big picture as we go to the graphic satellite-radar. there you go. this is the tail end of a little trough that is coming through the eastern united states. it is producing more significant rain up to the north in portions of pennsylvania and into the eastern great lakes. this is just the tail end here. it is a morning event as it pushes out during the next hour and a half or two hours. we'll be done with that. we do have some clouds associated with it but those will get out and we'll see a good a sunshine again today mixed with clouds here and there. current temperatures, we are up to 65 degrees here in the district. 61 up in gaithersburg. 63 in baltimore. in virginia, quantico is at 63 degrees. check out fredericksburg. 70degrees at this hour. o a warm start there. for today, partly sunny skies.
6:19 am
hot, high about 86 degrees in town. i think some of you will get well into the upper 80s today so maybe knocking on the door of 90 degrees. tonight, mild overnight, 6 # degrees. a few clouds here and there. then the winds will be light. then your five-day forecast, still very warm temperatures. more than 25 degrees above normal. thursday, 81. then some showers and thunderstorms build in here for late thursday into early friday. that will cool us off. highs friday and saturday will only be in the low 60s. that is below normal. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. julie wright has been very busy this morning. she has the latest on our traffic. >> sarah similar monday has been reporting live from the scene over in tysons corner. that is where we're dealing with the huge water main break and as a result, a large sing hole to deal with as well. we do have live pictures from the scene.
6:20 am
the roadways are blocked off to head inbound and head in towards vienna. if you are traveling from vienna, you are can go no further than international drive. can you make at right or left turn to international drive. turning left will take you back up towards rout7 and you can use that to continue out towards 495. gentlemen, the ramp from the beltway to exit onto 12 to mclean remain open. if you are coming from mclean, can only exit on it the outer loop of the beltway. you are denied access from the beltway to exit to 13 to take you over to tysons corner. top stretch, outer loop, you remain slow early this morning from i-59 college park headed around towards the ex georgia avenue. that is where we had the crash. remains of that activity off the road to the shoder. now, northbound i-95 at 198, authorities are checking for a crash at that location in laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you.
6:21 am
our business beat is coming up next. we'll take a look at how the markets got week started. troops stationed at u.s. bases in afghanistan will have to learn to eat without fast food. what is available? burrer king, t fw. i friday's, pizza hut, dairy queen and they are all on the way out. one person said they are nonessential resources for the troops and they eat up valuable power.  this is whole soy.
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you might know that it has protein, but whole soy's also naturally packed... with fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients. and you can get whole soy, mixed together with real fruit, in soyjoy. and look for delicious new blueberry soyjoy. the dow is flirting with 11,000 for the first time in quite a while and toyota is facing a big fine from the government. to talk more about both of those things, let's head up to new york and our friend chris cotter with the fox business network. yesterday, the dow lost a little bit of ground but still finished up 46 points. did it get some help from some
6:25 am
of the news that we got last friday? >> it did. i thought we would open up higher and we did. we kind of lost a little ground on the dow as you mentioned throughout the course of the day. we ended up 46 points. it seems like i'm always saying we are up or down 46 points every day. the s&p and nasdaq held a little bit more of their early day gains and a lot of that was the jobs report we got on friday. we got some decent numbers on pending home sales. yesterday, probably the least important of all that data we get, pending home sales still a lot can happen before the sale closes so we kind of take that with a grain of salt. still a pretty good report d that helped keep us higher. we are close to that 11,000 number. even if we get there, gurvir, it is more of a nice little psychological barrier but not a very important technical barrier to reach. it would just be nice to hold it. >> you're right t sounds good to say we're at 11,000. toyota, of course, certainly
6:26 am
hoping it will come oust its slump but it has been slapped with a big fine from the federal government. what do you know about that? >> yeah, toyota it looks like the transportation department is going to fine them $16.4 million. that would be the largest fine ever by the governnt against an automotive manufacturer for failure to alert regulators of its sticky pedals in a quote, timely manner. actually, transportation secretary ray la hood had some very strong words to say about toyota. quote, we now have proof that toyota failed to live up to its legal obligations and worse yet, they knowingly hid a dangerous defect for months from u.s. officials and i think this is key too because there are billions of dollars and potential by l.i.e. billions of of dollars in civil litigation now pending against toyota so to have a government official in such a high-ranking place as ray la hood say they failed to live up to their legal obligation, that is a pretty strong statement and i guarantee you the lawyers were
6:27 am
listening yesterday. >> thank you. we'll talk with you tomorrow. we're following several big stories this morning. first, a water main break which could cause problems for your morning commute. we'll be live on the scene at 1 where the beltway is shut down. we're continuing to watch the developments out of west virginia where an explosion at a coal mine has killed 5 workers. there may be survivors but we'll tell you why crews had to call off the search, at least for now. we're back after the break. it's definitely expensive having a growing family. and it's something that you think about. we try to conscious of that and plan out our meals so that we can feed everyone on a budget. at giant, we know saving money is important.
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we have the latest now on that deadly mine explosion in west virginia. 25 workers are dead. four are unaccounted for. the search has been called off because of poor ventilation. crews are trying to drill ventilation holes in that mine. this is happening in west virginia about 30 miles outside of charleston. >> officials say the chances of survival are slim but the crews don't want to give up and they
6:31 am
still do consider this to be a rescue mission. they say they will go back inside once it is safe. the missing miners were not able to make it to one of the two chambers in the mine that were stocked with food and extra oxygen. we'll have more from west virginia in just a couple of minutes. also following a developing story that could impact your morning commute this more than yoog a water main break is causing traffic tie-ups in the tysons corner area. sarah simmons is joining us live from the scene with the latest. >> reporter: crews are still on the scene investigating right now. this is the 20-inch water main break on route 123 northbound in tyson's. to give you an idea, that is between international drive and the beltway. if you take a look behind me, you can still see the sinkhole that was left behind here and on 123. v-d.o.t. is telling us the road is expected to be closed eight- plus hours, possibly even longer. this will probably be an all- day affair.
6:32 am
they are telling us what caused it is some construction work being done here overnight. they were doing some boring underneath, drilling underneath the roadway here and for the hot lane construction and that was about 3:00 a.m. when this water main break did occur. now, falls church water authority, they are on the scene. they are telling us that there have been a few outages here in the tyson area but most of the tysons corner does have water although at low pressure. now, it will be quite a traffic nightmare here this morning. but, of course, we'll have the late coming up in traffic. back to you. >> thank you. we will check in with julie in just a second. we want to get another check on our weather and a few rain showers out there in some spots. >> a couple of showers. we've seen a couple of little thunderstorms pop up here and there. it has been minimal amount of
6:33 am
the area covered by these. most people are remaining dry this morning. we are seeing just to the north a small thunderstorm ell moving through. we have no reports of any of these being severe. they tend to pop up and dissipate. some showers down on our south nearual drorve and la plata. that is not showing any thunderstorm activity at this moment. this is the area where we were seeing some thunderstorm activity. that has pushed off to the east. we'll get a close-up look at what is happening right around columbia there. you can see just a little cell. it is not in columbia yet but it is heading to the east and there is one little lightning strike there so you just want to be aware of it. don't be surprised if you get a little rain coming down out in just a few minutes. let's take a look at the big picture. there you go.
6:34 am
a little trough coming through this morning. all of that pushing off to the east. i would say by about 8:00, 80 or so, we'll be done with all of that. for the bulk of the day, we'll see partly sunny skies. our current temperatures quite mild. 65degrees in the district. ocean city at 58 degrees. baltimore, 63. at dulles, it is 65. for today, partly sunny skies, hot this afternoon. 86degrees for your high. a little humid today as well. cming up, in a short amount of time, today's edition of ask the weather guy. we will answer your question about gasoline prices. we'll try to do it as succinctly as we can. >> rip-off. >> don't need to do it now. let's check in with julie wright talking about vehicles out there. >> a lot of folks unfortunately sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic wasting alet of gasoline this morning and part
6:35 am
of that reason is because the ramps to the beltway to exit onto 123 in tyson's are now closed. we have sky fox over the scene. sarah simmons reporting from the scene that this is a huge water main break and tying up 123 in each direction between international drive and 495. if we could pan this out so we could talk about the traffic and what is closed, if you are coming from vienna and the beltway, we are told you can go no further than international drive. this is the blockage. you are trying to exit from the beltway and continue over onto 123, we are told that portion. highway remains closed off at this time. also being make note that you are drying the beltway, you want to exit in towards mclean, those ramps remain open. it is just 123 outside of the beltway that is closed off between international drive and 495. we'll take it back inside and the out irloop. beltway, really struggling early this morning, 95 to georgia avenue.
6:36 am
earlier crash there finally cleared but the damage is done. delays building out of gaithersburg headed out towards rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> a west virginia community is holding onto hope and prayer as it deals with the worst mining disaster this country has seen in two decades. >> fox 5's will thomas is in west virginia with an update this morning. >> reporter: just moments ago, another update from the west virginia governor. he now says 11 of the 25 miners killed this afternoon about 3:00 in an explosion here at the mine have now been identified. four are still missing. and we've learned getting to those men could take, at a minimum of 12 hours. the build-up of bad air in there, the methane build-up that make it too dangerous for rescuers to get to those four men, wherever they may be under there is so dangerous, they are going to drill three separate holes 1100 feet deep. it could take again, according
6:37 am
to the governor, as long as 1 hour. they need to vent out the space so rescuers can go back inside and try to rescue these four men. they are calling it a rescue operation. the family members are standing by. they are in a training facility building just a short disance from where we are. they are being fed. members of the clergy are there. the redcross, they are not alone. here is more on that from the governor. >> the families are all in one center together and we have a left our clergy are there with them and there is a lot of prayers being said right now. >> reporter: this morng, we are told two miners are hospitalized. they had serious blast injuries. it was actually a shift change and they were leaving and sort of got the tail end. the governor told me the blast was so fierce even someone would was a great distance away from the epicenter of the blast, his shirt was blown right off of him. that was the force from that methane that somehow sparked and they are not exaikly sure why. they are still investigating.
6:38 am
but right now, the focus is a rescue operation trying to get those four men that are unaccounted for. we're told they're not next to each other. they may be spread out a distance of perhaps 2,000 feet or greater. at least a 1-hour operation here at the mine and we'll stand by and brung you more updates as we get them. i'm will thomas. now back to you. >> while the hope continues that they do find the mines who are still missing, this is happening in a state that certainly has not been a stranger so mine explosions. most of you might remember the explosion at the sego mine in west virginia four years ago that killed 12 miners. family members those victims are now reaching out to try to help the families of this disaster. coming up next, this morning, the redskins are ready to introduce their new star quarterback today. what donovan mcnabb's future holds for the team. >> even if you are not the biggest basketball fan, you had
6:39 am
to be excited about this. the chance to david to beat goliath. 
6:40 am
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6:42 am
i acted just terribly poorly, made justen cedably bad decisions and decisions that have hurt so many people close to me. -- made just incredibly bad decisions and decisions that have hurt so many people close to me. >> tiger woods talking before the masters tournament. of the day ross joins us now to cover a little bit of everything in sports. the latest on donovan mcnabb. >> it the latest is he will be here today. it ll be very exciting. i think you will find a guy, donovan mcnabb, who will lead this team and he will hve stability at that qrterback
6:43 am
position. you have a true leader. they say we have a guy behind crintder that is a true leader. if that is not a shot at -- a guy behind center that is a true leader. if that is not a shot at jason campbell being i don't know what it is. there is no quart back controversy anymore in washington being d.c. we had all thought maybe they would draft a sam bradford. i think that puts all of that to rest. i would be stunned in they fact a quarterback. could they? yes, they could. will they in more than likely, no, they will probably tax a left tackle at that position. it opens up the door for this team to be successful because you are starting at the most important approximation on the field and that has been addressed. >> talking to a bunch of people in philly, donovan macbe in a leader off and off the field.
6:44 am
we'll hear from donovan mcnabb today. we heard from tiger woods yesterday. how about on the urse? does he have a shot at the masters? >> i think he absolutely has a shot. a couple of things that were very telling. one of them was, on the course demeanor and how says that is going to change. and he said also, he did it with a caveat. he said you are not going to seat outbursts anymore that you used to see but don't expect the fist pumps and all those shows of emotion which have helped make him great. my worry or concern is if you are take away the negative part of the game, okay, he cusses a lot on the course or he did at least the you take that away. you also take away the part that make him great. so if you don't want me to be the bad guy on the course, don't expect to saturday famous tiger fist pumps that you will see. i wonder if that will affect how he plays the game. not sure yet. it is also easier said tn done that you won't have the
6:45 am
emotional outbursts. it is hard not to. >> when he hirts the first 40- foot putt. >> he will want to do one of these. >> not like you and i door when we're doing cartwheels out there. >> we're dancing on the green. >> great game last night, ncaa championship game if you are a fan of the underdog. they stuck with it for the entire game. >> everybody is like butler, they were a number five seed. this was a really good basketball team. >> can you talk about what they're thinking here. >> they're thinking about the ending of college basketball oh, so close. have you ever seen a championship game decided by a half court buzzer beater. wouldn't it have been great to stick it to duke and holly morris. congratulation to duke that was a really good basketball team that i think was underrated if that is possible. >> a lot of people said duke
6:46 am
wouldn't be able to pull it out. >> just kidding, holly. the other big sports thing we had, opening day for e nationals. this got lost among effect else and the prewas there throwing out the first pitch y i was behind home plate. it was greatest except for the pitch. it was awful. are you serious with that effort? well, look res they always have mother pressure on it. he was in the bullpen with rodriguez and he warmed up to do that. come organization you are better than that cr he said if he would have had the rest of the inning, he would have leaned it up. >> i say to the president, practice all year, come back next year and throw a strike and don't wear a white sox hat. >> i think that is what did it. >> all right. >> i'm solve my soapbox now. >> thank you so very much. we'll see you later on. back over to gurvir and tony now. >> yes, mr. president, dave
6:47 am
ross j david ross. >> okay. dave, the president says expect a visit from the irs today. >> oh, great. >> sorry about that. i'll be off the show the rest of the day. >>can you imagine the pressure though. there is obviously pressure as president of the united states but he is an athletic fellow. you want to do a good job. >> you get one throw. you can't do it again. >> all right. oh, well. he did the best he could. >> it was the heat. >> you could blame that and you know what, don't try it today because it will be hotter today. i think by a couple of of degrees. here are your weather headlines the heat is main story. at dulles international airport and at bwi marshall, didn't get a record at reagan national. all right. sunny and hot today. we have agot some clouds this morning. other than a couple of spots where we see some shower activity but it will be a nice one being a had the one if you like the heat. showers and thunderstorms late thursday. we think thursday afternoon and
6:48 am
thursday night possibly into friday morning. we'll see how that develops. much cooler this weekend behind a vigorous cold front that comes through. lets he get you up to date on what is happening with the our weather conditions. here is your satellite-radar. this morning, we've seen a couple of showers pop up. a couple of areas of thunderstorm activity as well. that is all pushing through as we speak. as it does, it will take the cloud cover with -- much of the cloud cover with it. this is only going to be going on for another hour, maybe hour and a half or so and then it moves out of here. current temperatures around the region, it is a mild start to the day, up to 70 degrees. fredericksburg has dropped down to # 69. -- dropped down to 69. partly sunny skies today, hot, high about 86 degrees. that is way above normal. for tomorrow, 88 degrees for your high knocking on the door
6:49 am
of 090. some hiewt there. clouds build in on thursday. as i mentioned on thursday, we get some showers and thunderstorms as well in the afternoon because a cold front and then in the wake of that cold front, our temperatures drop rather dramatically as we head towards and into the weekend. highs only in the low 60s on friday and saturday. all right. that is the weather. you know what it is time for. it is time to act weather guy, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to we are your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today's question is a timely one from philip duncan would writes why are gas prices low in the winter and high in the summer? well, it's simple question. w.a somewhat complicated answer. >> can i just add, they're never low anymore. >> lower. lower he should say lower in the winter. they're never low like they used to be. there are a couple of reasons. essentially, it is a matter of supply and demand.
6:50 am
that is the main reason. people use their cars more in the summer. the oil companies and gasoline companies are able to get more and they say they raise the prices so that they can make sure they're fully stocked and all that. >> yeah, yeah, blah, blah. i think it is because they know everybody is going to be traveling and they can get the prices. >> they though they can get it. that is the other thing. supply and demand and also the fixed oil prices by the oil cartels and the oil proders. they don't like to hear that. they say oh, no, it's true. on average, gas priceso up 5 to 10% as we head towards summer and than during the summer i can't in defense of the oil industry, consumption goes up 5% during the summer months. there is more use but you would think after 80 years or 100 years of this, they would be able to plan ahead for that kind of thing, maybe make a little more. >> supply and demand. let me show you a couple of
6:51 am
stats that compares some of the price in july of last year, july 4th last area, your price for regular unleaded was $2.61 a gallon. by december, it was -- that is not right. >> it was the same. >> okay. i have the wrong figure here on my thing. do we have another one thate want to show. what does that demonstrate there? >> what we are ahe showing that is price are actually higher than they were last winter. >> because you think a paid about $2.84 the other day if warrenton. >> we are now at $2.83 now. >> i get it. on average, what you are paying for what you pay i don't your gasoline at the pump, about 5 5 -- about 50% is crude oil. attacks is the next, about 20 to 25%. refining costs, generally about 0% and then the rest of it is
6:52 am
for distribution and marking. >> remember about a year ago when everybody stopped driving and they dropped. >> that is what happened. >> drive less, the prices will drop. that is the key. other things will impact the prices like natural disasters and stuff. although, when that happens, prices go up immediately and they never drop back down whenever the disaster is over. >> they talk about hurricane season. >> katrina did have a significant impact for a while. philip, good question. mainly supply and demand and price fixing. if you have a question, you can go to if you are with the oil industry, please don't send me a letter. >> have you gotten the videos in? >> i do not know. there are other people in charge of that. >> send them in. we'll get them on. let's check in with julie wright and talking about people
6:53 am
driving or stopped out there. >> that is i invested in a scooter. it flatten my hair. >> i'm going ride my horse t may teekah you three -- it may take methree hours on get here. >> it might take you three hours on the beltway. the crash on the sulder but the damage was done early this morning with delays leaving 95 college park headed west. we have the huge water main breaks and the sink holiday that we've dealing with. this is the closure point here, 13 at international drive. coming from vienna, you can go no further that international drive. if you are coming out of mclean being your lanes are open. they do have some portion of 13 shut down at international drive. it will be that way according to sarah simmons who has been reporting live from the scene for at least the next eight hours. this will affect the morning commute and the midday commute as well. there is that large sinkhole they are dealing with at this time. route 7 taking the bailout.
6:54 am
a lot of folk using that as the alternate route. expect heavier than usual volume delays there as well. northbound i-95, we have the stalled car reported at 198 in maryland. that activity now out of the roadway. outer loop still remains very slow leaving college park headed into silver spring. northbound 95 in virginia out of newington, heavy, slow and steady headed up towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. coming up next, baseball season is here. >> who knows? maybe it will inspire some kids to be future stars. holly showing us where they can get their start and learn how to train just like the pros. [ sneezes ]
6:55 am
6:56 am
♪ music plays ♪ [ sneezing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what are you gonna miss when you have an allergy attack? benadryl® is more effective than claritin® at relieving your worst symptoms -- runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes -- and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life.
6:57 am
>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. yesterday was opening day. we won't focus on the nats score but we'll focus on the fact that the boys of summer are back in action and if you play baseball or softball chances are you are too.
6:58 am
but if you want to up your game, you want to come here live to prospect sports training. it is a new multi sports facility that is open year round and offers everything you need to know to be a pro at this sport. taught by pros. two former minor league players will focus on pitching, focus on hitting and then also focus on strength training because it takes a lot to be good at this sport. we'll talk about thestatus of the sport as well. how popular is baseball these days? we'll find out. gurvir, back to you. >> sounds great, holly. and i know steve chenevey is paying attention. does the fox 5 baseball team need a little attention. >> always. >> and a little bit of training. >> i wish they had something like that when i was a kid.
6:59 am
>> thanks, gurvir. a busy morning here. a number of big stories. unfortunately we start in west virginia this morning. the site of the nation's deadliest mining accident in more than decades with more than two dozen people killed. the latest on the search for the workers still missing. and then oil drilling off the coast of virginia and maryland. we'll get reaction to a group that opposes the plan and we'll talk with bob mcdonnell that wants to make his state the energy capital. and donovan mcnabb not going to join us yet but he'll be introduced to redskins park today and we'll have that for you. and tiger talking and what he had to say at his first press conference in aug ah.

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